Buying Your Home

The home in your heart

Buying a new home is an emotional purchase. So many factors go into an informed decision about what’s right for you and your family, for now, and for your future. You’ll want a true balance of experiences to make your life in your new home truly rewarding and thriving. Things to consider are award-winning schools, established universities, easy access to highways and transportation, professional opportunities, plentiful shopping, dining entertainment and thriving arts and culture. Having easy access to nature and recreation is important too. It all adds up to a happy heart and happy lifestyle. Park Place invites you to experience more than you ever have right here.

Buy vs. Rent

Owning your home gives you the peace of mind in knowing that it’s yours. Yours to create the home you’ve always wanted, warm and inviting. Rather than paying out monthly to a landlord, you are your own landlord! You are investing in your future rather than someone else’s. Financially you benefit from tax breaks for homeownership. And a new home also comes with the latest construction, technology and materials so you know you are getting the best. Find your home »